About Me (and my pub)

True Story ...

In college, when professors dished out writing assignments, I morphed into a ravenous pig, head buried in the trough belching joyous snorts. I couldn’t wait to get started and I couldn’t get enough. Still can’t. 

Hello. I’m Doug McPherson, a freelance writer. I share my snorting geekiness for writing so you know it’s a passion. Want something done well? Give it to someone who’ll douse the work with zest and zeal. 

And of course, you want a writer who's reliable, competent – who can pass the snort test. 

I could load you down with plenty about me, and I’ll do a bit of that in a minute. But first, I’d rather you hear about me from others: 

​“Doug is the kind of freelance writer editors love. I assigned Doug dozens of articles [and] once I made the assignment, I could forget about it, because I knew he'd come through with good, solid reporting, turn the story in early and at the specified word count. He's not only one of the most reliable people I've ever met, he's one of the easiest to work with. He never quibbles over edits and is extremely gracious. Among his talents is the ability to establish a rapport with his sources. As a result, his work is especially engaging. Readers must have agreed, as Doug's articles were some of DU Today's most read.” Brenda Gillen, former editor, University of Denver, Denver, Colo.

"Doug is the consummate professional. I have worked with him for several years on behalf of my real estate client. He understands this market, and how to ghost write articles that speak to my client's unique voice.  As a public relations professional, he makes my job easy and a winner in the eyes of my client." Jennifer Heinly, MBA J & J Consulting


"Doug is a great writer. Period. Give him a topic and he will delve into it full force. Give him a person to profile and the next day they are best friends. I would suggest that anyone who needs an industry writer should go to Doug McPherson. He is always a pleasure to work with and he gets the job done on deadline and done right." Bill Foley, former editor, Response Magazine, New York

"Doug is always willing to dig deeper and probe further to find the unique angle or story that will keep readers riveted." Joy Bontrager, senior writer, Customer Communications Group, Lakewood, Colo.

"I am so glad that I discovered Doug as a great freelancer for us, and that other editors here have continued to use him! His work continues to be the best we have. And we all appreciate his professionalism and strong writing skills as well as depth of style and reporting." Sharon Gillen, former associate editor, Denver Business Journal

"Doug can tackle a complex subject and create an informative and enjoyable read. He always nails a deadline." Doug Storum, managing editor, Boulder County Business Report

"Doug has done a great job as writer for the Johns Manville employee newsletter. He interacts with different levels of employees around the world to develop the story lines and to determine the appropriateness of each article. I can count on Doug to get the job done with minimal involvement on my part. He's been a dedicated and able external resource." Melody W. Dunbar, manager, corporate relations, Johns Manville Corporation, Denver, Colo.

“Doug is an awesome writer that Exempla uses frequently and finds invaluable. He’s able to take any company culture and standards and incorporate them into very effective, meaningful writing with a great turnaround and at a good price.” Kimberly Stroud, Exempla Healthcare

That’s just a few of many testimonials. Why do I have them? Why have I worked since 1999 as a freelance writer? 

I’ve thought a lot about those questions. First, luck has played a role, no doubt. Then it's about these two words: passion and service. 


I like to think my passion shows up in my work. I care. If I didn’t, I couldn’t have lasted 20 years. And service comes naturally to me. Deadlines are sacred (I’ve never missed a single one). To me, working as a freelance writer is a business – a service business. I do all I can to exceed my clients’ expectations.  

Here are a few bullet points about me:

- Won awards for writing, feature writing, editing, editorial planning and public relations 

- Worked as a public relations manager for six years, a newspaper editor for five years and a freelance writer for 20 years

- Published more than 1,300 articles in magazines, trade publications, newspapers and newsletters: Forbes, The Writer Magazine, The Denver Post, The Denver Business Journal, The Rocky Mountain News, Response Magazine, The Coloradan, The Metropolitan, Where Denver Magazine, The Boulder County Business Report, Executive Update Magazine, Colorado Realtor News, University of Denver Magazine, Denver Law Magazine, Public Relations Quarterly, Junior Achievement (national headquarters), Johns Manville Corp., Molson Coors Brewing Co., America Online among others

- Written web copy, press releases, annual reports, social media posts, videos, speeches and marketing plans

- Earned a master’s degree in journalism from Murray State University

What it’s like to work with me: I like to think I’m easy to work with. I’ve been told that a few times, so I suppose there’s some truth there. I have no problem with editors changing my work. They're doing their job.  I like to get work done early and well before the deadline bell rings, at least a day early, oftentimes even earlier. I spent five years on the business end of an editor’s desk, deadlines I understand – and respect.  

How I describe my writing style: Breezy, conversational, digestible, engaging (I hope!), casual and (my favorite) human. My aim is always to make writing easy to read with lots of one-syllable words, varied sentence lengths and a uniform tone.  

Philosophy on freelance writing: One, listen to the client. Two, think long and hard about the reader. Stir (or shake) both of those items. Pour immediately into your favorite mug, sip (or chug) your interesting, informative, effective, and yes, premium draft.  

How I describe my freelance writing business: I’m a generalist -- I like learning about many different areas while thinking about how I can best share what I’m learning with readers. I once saw a sign hanging in a newspaper office that read: “Pity the poor reader.” Sure, my first allegiance is always to my clients. But ultimately, it’s always about readers, getting them to think, feel and act how my clients want.   

What I’d write if I could only write one item: Profiles. Definitely profiles of people. I find them endlessly fascinating. I enjoy probing for any and all insight that explains why they are the way they are. I enjoy crafting questions that elicit: “Hmm, that’s a tough one. I’ll have to think about that.” A close second would be profiles of organizations, the whys and hows behind their starts, how they’ve succeeded and the highs and lows along the way.  But honestly, I love writing most anything – web copy, newsletters, press releases, ghost writing (I couldn’t care less if my byline is printed or not), speeches – I'm just all about getting words on paper (or screens).  

Content On Tap ... 

News and feature articles   
Press releases     
Content/editorial planning     
Website copy
Social media posts
Company histories
Video scripts     
Annual reports  

Free Samples! 

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Look at you making it all the way to the bottom of the page! Thanks for sticking with me. If you like what you saw give me a  call at 303-770-7744.